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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Save me tonight!

MY FIRST CHRISTMAS BONUS!!!!! long gone. So yeah, I've been working and earning and spending and spending and spending and spending and spending and spending. I was quite overwhelmed that I'm able to buy things and stuffs already. I'm (uncontrollably) buying (useless) things which I have not had before. I also got the chance to buy my family gifts for Christmas. Yehey!

Now, looking at my ATM balance. I wonder, I really wonder where my money went. I can't seem to remember how and when did I spend them. I forgot to save! Tsk! So, I swear to this keyboard, mouse,  and computer with YOU as my witness that, on my next payday, (which is coming soon!) I will open a savings account! Yes! I will! 

Well, beyond that! I just want to greet everyone a BIG Merry Christmas!!! (If you don't celebrate Christmas, then, let me give you my warmest GREETINGS!!!). 

Since I'm one of the eldest and probably the one with a decent job, it is my duty to be the "Santa Claus" to my younger cousins. Oh dear...there's plenty of them! I now wonder if I can really open a saving account! wahahahahhahaha!!! Or probably, I will just open an account next year as part of my New year's resolution, what do you think? wahahahhahahaha!!!

I'm feeling dizzy because of my cold...I guess I'll end it here for now. 


  1. ,...ako din, regalo ko,..merry merry christmas kenneeeethh*(:

  2. Merry Christmas to you too buddy :-)

  3. I'm a witness okay. Make sure to save up next year! I'll be expecting my gift! Haha.

    Happy Holidays tol! XD

  4. i'm going to be your witness too ^^

    saving money is important for the future.

    i'm not celebrating Christmas but I want to tell you....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    1. Thanks Fei! Saveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wish I was there so that I could make use of your spending ways. You wouldn't mind giving me a present or two now would you? ;P
    Can you fly over here dear Santa Key I mean Claus? :D

    Get well soon Noblesse! Merry Christmas to you and I hope that your paycheck keeps getting hefty every passing year. ^◡^

    1. Oh, Sui.. I really wish I was that rich! wahahahahah

      Thanks Ms. Sunshine!

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  7. Well, congratulations on your first Christmas bonus! I think you've learnt your lesson from overspending. A savings account for your future would be great. I hope you'd really open one soon...

    But, at the moment, enjoy whatever it is that you have used your money for. You wouldn't want to end up like me... I spent my 13th month pay for doctors and medicines. What is slaving oneself to work for? :P

    Lots of love and Merry Christmas :D


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