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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Of Ferris wheels and Ends

This post is going to be long (as suggested by Melissa of  Depth). It's 2013! Thus, as one of my traditions in my blog, I'm gonna create a countdown of the most memorable experience I had in the late 2012. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5... Okay, I think that's enough refreshing. Bad and good, these experiences are indeed part of my year of the Water Dragon.


Oh, one thing I can't forget about January is the "HUGE, BIG, GIGANTIC" fight I had with a co-staff in the publication when I was, of course, still in college. It was not a good way to start the year, but it already happened. There is nothing that I can do actually. 

It was a stupid fight. Wahahahaahahhaah... So embarrassing that I hate to share it here, but it is a memorable one. It was full of nonsense. It almost had gone to a fist fight. 


I hate February. All this people talking about love and relationships. Gross!


Of course, how can I forget my graduation? It was AMAZING! I got late in the commencement exercise since I was so busy taking pictures with my camera addict friend. We lost our line, the program already started when we arrived. wahahahhahaha... 

Getting your mock diploma was the best feeling. Student days are so fast yet so slow. I'll never forget being a student.


To get a job ASAP was on my head. Speaking of pressure, uncertainties, and fear. So, that's how I get to be a copy editor. The hardest part I guess. I've never felt so stupid in my life. But it was worth the try. At least I had my classmates to be with me. 


I turned 21. I trended worldwide on Twitter! (or at least, that's what my friends made me think). I am YOUNG, a little bit WILD, and 100% FREE! Spent my birthday at home with my family. I don't go to parties. Aside from Birthday and Christmas parties. Practically, I'm a good-looking boring person. Wahahahahahhaha... Have you fasten your seat belt? I might have just blown you there!





The past months were as boring as they can be. I was just reading SCIENTIFIC aka BORING journals. Training was over. Time to wait for the results.

So, due to some circumstances, I moved out of the house. To get some independence and peace of mind. It was a good choice I guess. Hakuna matata! 


I passed the training!!!...alone. Bittersweet memories. It was a journey I have to take alone. To go to work without friends to talk to, only enemies to ignore. Bullying is really visible even in the work place. I just wonder why people like to bully me. Do I wear some kind of "Bully me" sign on top of my head? I smell trouble. 


I get to meet the new trainees since I was advised to stay with them to avoid being bullied. But, it was no difference. I felt more bullied. They were utterly noisy. I cannot concentrate on editing! Getting all the fuzz about my life. Questions flew from left to right, felt like I was on the hot seat. But, they are my friends now. I have new friends. Yey! 


Christmas. Food, gifts, BONUS, love life? So, I've been in Wonderland these past few days. Being cheesed and teased with a co-worker. Wahahahahahahah.. Kind of awkward (pppfffttttt!!!!). I just brought her to the park rides. That's all. Exchanging gifts. I feel like a high schooler. wahahahahahahahahah!

That's the wrap! Oh, it was not that long after all. All in all, my 2012 was full of ups and downs, may be just like yours.   


  1. Wow! What a year has it been!
    Cheers to the soon-to-be more fruitful 2013! ^◡^


  2. That's quite an eventful year Noblesse! Oh my, you have been bullied!!! I guess people like you a little too much. :P

    As for me, I seem to have already forgotten half of what happened last year. Hmmm....I am getting old. >.<

    Hope that this year brings forth better opportunities and experiences.
    But I suppose it doesn't mater much since we take life as it comes. Come what may, we'll face it head on, right?

    Enjoy! ^◡^

    1. Yes, it was indeed. A little toooooo much.

      use F5...

      Head ON, feet on... mouth on...anything! wahahahahah


  3. looking forward to your 2013 posts....
    errrr, tama ba yun? may "s" yung post kasi plural? lol

  4. So much hapenningssssss bro! Buti ka pa may work na.

    Happy New Year! :)

  5. happy new year...good luck para sa taong ito..

  6. happy new year, mr. Key! hope you will have wonderful life this year.

    so, you'v been bullied? haha! i never been bullied when i was in school because i'm the one who bullied other people. wahahaahahaaa!!!!

    anyway, keep on writing about your love life..hee hee :P

    1. Thanks Fei..

      hey, how come you're the bully! UnfaiR!

  7. Way to go ken! Way to go ;-)
    Mao d.i nah siya? aw! heheh...
    HAYAG'a SA KAUGMAON!!.. , if you know what i mean.. LUL xD

    Edit edit pa jud! Wag mung ikahiya .pwede sunod post naka-wedding suit namo?

    1. wahahahahahha,,, saba diha Kid! ma-atat pud ta nimo!

  8. It was a fun ride to memory lane...I think I remember most of them except for the fight in January :P Was it really a bear fight? :P

    And who's Melissa of Depth? Did she really say that? ahahaha...

    Hmmm... you made it sound funny, but bullying is a no no... Stay positive and do your work right :)

    I wish you lots of love and inspiration this year and the coming years :) Enjoy life, you're 21 :D

    A blessed 2013 Key. Be grateful for everything :)

    1. It was a car fight! wahhhahahaah

      I forgot who she is...

      It's not funny at all!!!

      Thanks Mel!

  9. wow documented talaga... for sure mas documented this year...


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