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Friday, January 11, 2013

Post Party on Three Kings

It is actually not new that some parties just got out of the calendar because of some circumstances. Ours is actually a good example of which. Christmas party on Three Kings (January 6). I actually don't have a group since I was the only survivor of my batch. Luckily or unfortunately, I was adopted by the succeeding batch of trainees. They call me "baby boy" since I'm the youngest copy editor in our team. They treat me really badly. I call them the bullies! Although, having them is certainly better than not having any. 

Thus, we organized a post-Christmas party at our XML trainer's house. So you see, I'm fortunate to have a little bit of intelligence, a little bit of good looks, and a little bit of humor. Sadly, I was deep asleep when God showered the talent for gift giving. I'm always good at disappointing my "manito or manita." :-( Anyway, the party must go on!   

While waiting for the other to finish cooking. I had my playtime. I tried to help, but they won't let me. They said that I was a walking-sitting-and-even-a-sleeping disaster. Aw, that hurt! Good thing I found something to have fun with. I found this musical drum. It's for kids, but they treat me like one, so I just had it for real. It was actually entertaining. It makes a lot of music, I create a lot of noise, we're a perfect match! 


The star of our table is actually the chili cheese stick. It is composed of chili pepper stuffed with cheese wrapped in thin flour. HOT! I shed tears eating this, and I don't care if my nose was dripping with THE "yellow-green sticky substance." I'm addicted to it! 

How can I ever resist THE GRILLED PORK!? It was marinated it some sauce that my colleague made. It was juicy and tasty. I felt like I was a pig eating pork! I'm drooling! 

Of course, how could I forget my all-time favorite, SPAGHETTI!!! No need to explain. THIS IS IT. There were lots of other dishes, but these three are my top choices.  

Here comes the finally, the exchanging of gifts! ,wqweiavavjvcjvcjvxcvvvbkvb! --- That's how I felt! 

I got a brown polo shirt. I am quite camera shy so just deal with it. My time to give my gift! 

I told you I was nervous! wahahahahhahahahahah! TAAADDDDDDDAAAA!!! I gave my monita a BABY! That's what they get for calling me "baby boy." I just let them have a taste of their own medicine!  I'm trying to be mature, and they always call me "baby boy." Uuuunnngggghhhh!!! Anyway, she liked it! wooooohhhhoooooo!!! Job well done to me!

That's the wrap. My stomach got full, my monita was happy. All in all, the day was GREAT! Living life to the fullest guys! 


  1. "I'm addicted to it!"

    To the cheese stick or the yellow-green substance?


  2. LOL! It's fun and you're hilarious! I think being the youngest in the group could have its benefits. Is it the new haircut that makes you a baby boy? :P

    Hmmm... thanks for the chili cheese stick idea. The kids won't like this but my colleagues will :P

    Is it a baby alive you gave your monita?:P

    It's the first time I saw you camera shy... the shirt looks great on you :)

    Thanks for sharing your party with us.

    1. really, my hair cut...never thought of that...

      It's JUST a TOY! washhahahahahha... but I like the way you think! wahahahahah

  3. nakakatawa naman... enjoy na enjoy ka... at least at home ka na sa mga bagong ka-tropa..

  4. You and camera shy? That's unbelievable. I thought you were born to be in front of camera... baby boy. XD

    It's never late to have a party. I wouldn't call it a post- christmas-party for 2012, rather a pre-christmas party for 2013. Haha

    Seeing you in a T-shirt is making me shiver. Don't take it otherwise. ;) It's just that my place is damn cold. I can't go through the day without three layers of clothing. My hands are freezing as I type...

    1. wahahahahahah!!! don't call me that!

      Oh, I wish our place was as cold as yours! I'm like cold better than hot...

  5. I miss eating grilled pork! Fun party pics Key! =)


  6. na intriga ako sa cheese stick! gagawa din ako ng ganyan! lol


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