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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A mark to remember

Okay, let's get to the point. I'm a copy editor for months now. I edit scientific journals six days a week. Then, one day, the authors of one random article decided to acknowledge me and put a section exclusively for me. It's the 'Acknowledgments' section, saying that they are thankful for duly editing their article. So, I'm just like freaking out!!! 

Many senior copy editors (98%) in my company have been working their for years, they could have edited thousands of articles and not get acknowledged by the authors. And here I am, a newbie, getting the luck. Well, I bet I should start hitting the lottery.

How many of you know that the book, magazine, journal, or novel that you are reading was actually edited by a copyeditor? Yeah, we are like the shadow workers. I'm a copyeditor and my neighbors don't know what that is. They know doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant, policeman, etc. But hey, they got no idea what a copyeditor is. Oh wait, they have an idea, they thought a copyeditor is a call center agent (though I  want to try it someday) because I graduated Communication Arts.

The point is, (almost) nobody knows that we actually exist. So getting my name printed on a certain book/journal is totally big deal for me. It's like a doctor having a successful operation or a lawyer who won a case. Yeah, big deal! FOR ME!



  1. Keneeeethhhhh!!!!! congratsssss!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  2. Keneeeethhhhh!!!!! congratsssss!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  3. Congrats anyway! You did a good job pare! Happy for you!

  4. Way to go Key :)Congratulations!

    I know what a copyeditor is and I know what he/she does. Most of the time, they even go beyond editing esp. in the journal where I work because they wish to improve the article ;)

    Yey! So happy for you :D

  5. wow... ikaw na talaga... no, ikaw na! as in! we are happy for you boy...


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