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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feel the HEAT!

There are a lot of things that I should have shared individually, but I’m a busy person so I’m just going to squeeze them all in this post.

Okay, I accepted a comic story writer as an online job; apparently, I’m struggling. God, it is really hard to come up with a comic story, especially when I’m supposed to right about Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. I’ve never been to these countries, so how? Exactly.

Well my friend Google helped with the catching up. So I have gotten over with Singapore and Malaysia, but Indonesia is really giving me a headache! Lifestyle, money, and finance…these are the main scope of my stories. Writing a story is easy, the comic part makes it way way hard. If you’re from one of the above countries, kindly share me your funny stories!
Next stop, I kind of develop a habit of online streaming, first were movies, then TV shows. Since working with an unstable schedule, so I was forced to watch my favorites TV shows online. The latest to my addition of favorites is the “Game of Thrones.” Certainly not for kids.

It’s a really wonderful adventure, with all the trickery, sabotage, plotting, and scheming. It’s both battle of the brains and some awesome combat. Basically, it’s the “fiction” part of it that has drawn me toward it. What if we leave in a world were dragons and kings still do exists? Aside from being killed without a reason, it will be really awesome!
Then, there’s the NBA Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs. Everyone in my place is talking about it, including me. Ha-ha! Not a huge fan, but I can be one, given the right teams beating each other. In a game, of course, you have to take sides, that’s part of the thrill. Whether you’ll win or not! As if you’re part of the game yourself. You shout, you cheer, you scorn. It’s part of the deal.

So I choose Miami. Heat is a nice name. Spurs? I really don’t get it. Ha-ha! Chose the right team! Oh yeah!

Well, that's all for now folks! 


  1. Goodluck on your new endeavor sa online writing. You're right, andyan si Google friend, for sure he'll be able to help you. Aja Kenneth!!!*(:

  2. napansin ko pala, walang title tong post na to ah,heheeheh*(:

  3. Hey Noblesse! :) How have you been?

    I have no suggestion for your comic story, but you are THE Noblesse Key so I am sure you'll get the hang of it.

    I heard a lot about Game of Thrones. It premiered on television a long time ago but due to conflicting timings I couldn't watch it. Have you tried shows like 'Scandal', 'Revenge', and 'The Mentalist'? I found them pretty good.

    In my country, people are obsessed with cricket. Even our national game doesn't stand a change when it comes to cricket. :(
    Basketball isn't as famous, although in schools it is an important part of P.E. I had to play it too...didn't do well though. :P

    Happy to read your post after a long time.

    Stay well and good luck with your your story! :)

  4. Congrats dahil HEAT fan ka! hehehe

  5. Oh geez...I can't relate to any of the things you wrote but I'll support you in the comic story stuff. Maybe it'll be good to know more about others' culture so your jokes would fit in...

    Hmmm...I have no idea about the Game of Thrones...and have not been into basketball watching these days...

    Anyways, I hoe you're thriving well...I mean doing well Key. God bless!

  6. hehehe .. ayos kapangalan mo pa brother ko :)

    new follower here =D


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