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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Life: Chapter 1

Hey, it's been a while blog. I cannot say that I missed you 'cause I really don't. I've been really busy and didn't feel like writing.  The reason I'm here because I got a lot of free time since I quit my job and became a freelance copy editor, same company though. I'm just in my room, editing, writing, surfing, sleeping, eating, etc. 2013 has been a slightly boring year. I still get the staring, which is both good and bad. I'm still single but handsomer.

Beach outing last December

I'm planning to go outside Negros Oriental, Cebu or Manila perhaps. I'm looking forward for a new environment where I could reinvent myself. My past is kind of cloudy so I badly need a fresh start. I got everything I need, my looks are better, saved enough money, and bought some useful stuffs and gadgets.

So blog, wish me luck okay?


  1. wow naman editor na lolz... congrats sa new phase ng buhay..

  2. Welcome back Key! It has really been a while since your last update. I think you need more than luck for your new adventure :) You sure are ready to face the new challenges in life. Take care always! I continue to pray for you.

    1. Thank Mel... hahaha... yeah, I think I need more than luck but I can manage...

    2. Mel, I can't see the comment button on your post... hahahahha

  3. sigunda man pud d.i ka nako dong :)
    welcome back! ahahh...
    Let's celebrate??


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