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Friday, March 21, 2014

Four Hundred Eight Hours

I’m awesome. I couldn’t deny it anymore, seriously. On March 02, with the little money that I’d saved, I came here in Cebu, the biggest city in Central Visayas and an island away from home. I am full of hope and uncertainties. This is indeed away from my comfort zone. I just resigned from my job a month ago with no plans of the future. I just felt that it was the time to explore and broaden my horizon.
On my first day, I directly applied for companies. I messed up one exam and I hated myself for that. Some companies just did not bother calling me back after I handed in my resume. I felt like crying which I didn’t do because that was out of image (I’m cool!). Also, my boarding room feels like a sauna, and my bed is pure wood with no foam. There was no AC or even an electric fan. I could buy one but I was saving money. I just didn’t know how long I could find a job.

Since this was a BIG city, I wandered the streets looking for the companies I found in the internet, especially on (they have updates everyday), and I had asked countless strangers from all walks of life for directions. Some were very kind and some were hostile (they might have thought I was a bad guy scheming for their money or something; I completely understand though).
And for the main event, after 17 days, I finally got hired people. It was not just an ordinary hire—it was my dream company. A publishing house that aims to discover unknown authors, so where else could an aspiring novelist get his experience best? I think I just hit the jackpot. Boom boom pow! I was just ecstatic that I informed everyone in my phonebook, some were even unknown numbers. Haha!
Since my work is from Monday to Friday, I decided to take Education units in one of the universities here in Cebu. Classes are Saturdays and Sundays, and the pay is just small as well. I only need 18 units to be qualified to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers. It’s good to have a license in hand, for future purposes. When I’m more than 40, I would possibly go teaching.
I will be really busy in the days to come, so see you when I see you!!!

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  1. wow congrats naman ay nakapag travel ka :D


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