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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of Girls, Love, Career, and Future

Hey blog, it seems that it’s you and I till the end. There are a couple of things that I got to tell you. I know you’ll be very happy about it.
I’m done with my first week in my new company. I am a copy editor for books—a lot better that scientific journals! Anyway, the first week was great. The office environment is just so cool. There is a lot of space to breathe and relax. The usual situation of being nagged by girls is still there. They just can keep a good-looking guy like me alone, not that I could blame them. It’s the price that I got to pay. LOL! (A little bit if exaggeration here and there...  )
Yeah, one or two of them were extra touchy and nosy. I don’t want to presume that they’re into me. If only I was not a hopeless romantic idiot who believes that there’s a great love worthy of wait to share all your firsts with, I could have lost my virginity ages ago, or my first kiss for that matter. (Did I just say that?) If ever I found my great love, I’m going to give her a handful scolding for being so late! She’ll probably just going to say she’s stuck on heavy traffic or something. For the meantime, I’ll just keep quiet as usual. Keep a low profile.
On another account, I’m back to school this April. I enrolled in CPE (Certificate of Professional Education) for me to take the board exam for teachers. It’s just 18 units which will take like 4 to 5 months. I’m not going to teach any time soon—it’s just for future purposes. When you’re old, you got to share to younger generation the things you’ve learned and inspire them to the best that you can. Also, there is a huge possibility that I could use a teacher’s degree to be able to teach abroad. I’ve always wanted to go to other countries. I have not been in an airplane!
Also, I must confess. My ATM is almost cash out. I just hope the HR in my new company will give me my salary while I process my requirements for the ATM.


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