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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Book Editor and Pigs

How about a kiss, Saumensch? Germans like pigs. I just finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I must say that it really made me see how strong words are, especially on the Heil, Hitler! parts. Words cut deeper than swords. The book was unique since it was narrated by Death himself, which was really cool by the way. It gives us the perspective that Death does not actually like death. Poor Liesel. Poor Rudy. Poor Mama and Papa.

The Book Thief is another addition to my list of certified-fresh novels. As an inspiring novelist, I am jealous that another author has been successful in penning a novel. I-AM-JEALOUS. God, when will I be able to reach farther than three pages. I am always stuck on three pages. 

I'm far from giving up though. I'm on my fourth week of training as a book editor. This is different from my previous job as a copy editor for scientific journals. This, I think, will be more fun since (1) I like reading books, (2) I won't be nosebleeding as often, (3) it will help me improve my way of writing, and (4) it brings me closer to my dream of being a novelist.  
We are starting on content editing, which is a little bit scary since it will greatly affect the run of the story. From characterization to the plot, everything must be well-calculated. I am doing great so far with the modules (still on Module 2, haha!). 

Watch out for my book...soon! And yeah, I've watched the movie adaptation of The Book Thief and I enjoyed it.      


  1. usa ra joi nakakuha sa akung atensyon .... dili ang POST!
    But ang profile ..'' currently in search for the ONE'' ???

    bleng! bleng! ahahah.. seryoso ? ung totoo? :D

  2. Wow! Nag-uupdate kana pala ng blog mo. I'm so happy :)

  3. Oh, you want to be a novelist. How wonderful! It is great that you got a chance to work in the industry you enjoy so much. All the best! ^_^

  4. ~Happy birthday Noblesse!~ ^_^ Whenever you get time do check out this link.


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