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Thursday, June 19, 2014

And They Say I'm Crazy

Hi, blog, it has been a long, long time. You must be tired of hearing my "It has been a long time." Wow, sorry, dude. I know no amount of sorry or words would make up for what I did. But you really don't have a choice but to forgive me, you know. The reason why I'm no longer writing to you is because there is really nothing worth writing about. I'm done with making post just to please other people---making fun of myself for other people. Though, not all, many or some are my real thoughts. 
For the past years and months, I have been in a journey with no destination. Dude, I think I'm going mental. This life is hard to live. Or should I say this life is mundane. It just goes flat. How entertaining. 
 Dude, long time no see. It was indeed a long time. Your life's boring huh. How about you get yourself a girlfriend and get laid?
You think that would solve this monotone life.
Like yeah. Dude, you should start getting some life. Put down your books for troll's sake.
But it's not that easy.
Pfffftttt. You know that's bull crap. You got fishes ready for the take out.
But I don't want just any fish. I want THE fish.
You'll go old waiting. Enjoy life! Idealism is not applicable in this world and time.
Err, you really think so.
Uh huh!
If I regret this, can I blame you for it?
Yeah, sure. No problem here.
I'll delete you if it won't. 'K, bye!



  1. talking to yourself for personal assessment is good most of the time. This is a way for you to guage your strength and weakness.

  2. Don't we all have such a sweet and sour relation with our blogs? There's the high and the lows. In the end, if you truly like blogging and enjoy being here, you'll come back even after a long gap. If not, then your blog goes to the e-slush pile, or worse, it'll be taken over by a spammer...
    Tehehe...just some possibilities :P

    I have gone away and returned several times because my time and efforts are precious and I have put in a lot to get my blog going. Besides, I love it in here. The freedom to express is liberating. Anonymity helps too. I can rant endlessly, complain, mope and there would be no one to stop me. Oh yeah!!!

    But I don't know what your reasons for blogging are. You may have noticed that even when you are away, there are people who care. Anyways, it's up to you to keep up or give up.

    If you are so eager, you should just get a gf. It's not that you get all that you want in the first go. Oh well, I guess you have different set of values and beliefs. To each his the saying goes.

    I don't know what would make you believe that your writing is such that people want to read on and on. It's not just purely entertainment nor do people come to make fun of you. Until there's something worth while, people don't visit a blog. The one thing that I have realized is that blogging needs tending just as a plant does.

    And there I go again with my awfully long make long story short, Welcome back and keep coming back!

    1. When I saw that another comment was added, I knew instantly it was you. The signature long comment was here too! Keke! Thank-you for understanding Sui. You really are a smart gal!


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