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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Endeared Myself to the Team

I got regularized yesterday. I am of course happy since my salary was up by 16 percent. Haha. Book editing is fun, except when crappy authors who have a not-so-firm grip on reality insist that their books are worth publishing. But without them, I wouldn't have a job, so thank God for the crappy authors. 

Not sure if you're interested, but here's the sum up of my performance as a probi book editor according to my team leader.

Key displays enthusiasm in his work as a copy editor. It is evident that he effectively brought to the table his prior experience as a copy editor. Key got a very good score on quality during his first monthly evaluation, significantly high for a new employee. He shows care and dedication to each manuscript he handles by providing good suggestions to authors on how to strengthen their book's content.

Key shows professionalism by turning in his assignments on or ahead of time. He is also very open to constructive criticism and solicits advise/suggestions form his teammates. He has endeared himself to the team by being friendly and having a good sense of humor."

There you go. I love my job, and who knows, I might publish my first book soon. 


  1. I think book editing is one of the most comforting jobs.

    Glad it makes you happy!

  2. Yes, that's true... not always though.

  3. I should get my novel edited from you as well....
    Good job Noblesse! Keep it up! (っ◕‿◕)っ☆☆☆

  4. Thanks Sui! Oh, novel... hmmmm... interesting! Give me a copy when it's published.

  5. Hi Key. Good luck and Godbless sa new position.


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