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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Lazy Bloke

Dear Key,

Today you wore red long sleeves. One thing unique about this company is that taking a “selfie” is the mode of attendance. Of course, the time when you took the selfie, one for IN and one for OUT, is recorded. For the past ten months, you have been taking selfies every day you go to work. That’s a lot of selfies. The team leader called you a med rep, which was funny.

9:42 a.m.—You stopped editing. Seriously though, why can’t you concentrate on editing, you lazy bloke!

2:16 p.m.—It’s very cold. The air-con was especially angry at you today. Started editing. After you went to the CR, that is.

February 04, 2015

1:06 p.m.—Dude, you forgot to post yesterday. This was just okay. It’s the second time you almost got late. You better lessen your mirror time and get on early preparing for work. Now go back to work.

5:29 p.m.—There was only very little amount of work that you have done today. You were just watching videos on YouTube and had a fun time watching MasterChef Junior Season 2. You really have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Real-time Key


  1. hmm sana selfie na lang ang mode of attendance sa lahat ng company lolz.

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  3. Good to see you blogging again.


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