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Monday, January 11, 2016

Of Life and Decision Making

The second week of the year: I’m still evading all my friends. They are probably exhausting all their energy thinking why (not really, I guess). Well, I got a serious reason. I’m not even confident to write it here even when there is a good chance that I would be the only one reading this. I know I have changed so much in the past two years since crossing to the next island. There were a lot of challenges, but it had it perks too. I know I would not have my teaching license if I had not gone here. But the counter was also quite titanic.
            The time to decide whether to continue my copy editor position here in Cebu or go back to Negros and make use of my teaching license is coming nearer by the day. The second semester of my master’s degree will end on March. That will be the deadline. I still can’t make up my mind. My current job as senior copy editor (just got promoted three months ago) is certainly worth staying. I’m earning well. However, I haven’t really made friends with anyone here. Not that I blame them. The problem is me. I’m totally unapproachable.
            Well, hello from the other side, it would be nice if could land myself a teaching position. It pays well too and you can get a two-month vacation with pay. I mean, you don’t get that privilege if you’re in a desk job. It seems a very secure position too. It’s probably not going to be easy as I imagine it to be. Plus, if I get enough experience, it could land me a job abroad. Working abroad seems to be the goal of any graduate. Though, I hear that working abroad is not all sunshine and daisies.

            Life is full of decisions, I know that now. And you really don’t know which is the right one. You hear advices from people, but you really don’t listen. A man’s got to do his own thing. We hone our own destiny. This would contradict what I just said, but I should probably ask some sign from the Almighty Universe. LOL.

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