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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Passing Time on the Job

Now, what was I doing again? Oh, nothing, seems like I’m not going to be productive this week. Last Friday, I was given the task to create a conceptual editing to a memoir. Aside from determining that it was an autobiography, not a memoir, I have nothing else on my plate. I have not done any intensive concept editing, and I have zero record for reading a well-known memoir or autobiography. I am lost. I just want to go back to the normal editing process—something that is familiar. New tasks are nerve-racking (but fun too). But I think I survived that task. I just hope it would not come back and hunt me for a long time.
            And recently, I’m back to my old habit of reading and reading Web toons or manga—along with it is the agony of waiting for the next chapters to be released. Noblesse is on the Lukedonia arc. I miss the other characters from the earlier part of the series. God of the Tower, God of High School, and Girls of the Wild are three action series I’m borderline obsessed with. Cheese in the Trap and Winter Woods are the romances I’m following—for diversity. LOL. The New Normal is my kind of comedy. There were other comedies that I have finished reading during the Christmas break.

            Okay, I think I should better start working now.

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