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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Show Man

Remember that last post about suits? Well, turns out buying a new suit paid off. Out of the 50 research papers from international and local graduate students and more than 100 research from undergrad students, my research, “The Disparity of the Most Common Grammatical Errors among Researchers,” and I was awarded fourth place for Best Paper Presenter in the Third International Teacher Education Research Conference last February 20 at Marco Polo Plaza (high-end hotel, btw).
          My first international research conference was a blast. I was surrounded by young researchers like me. It was interesting to see so many different researchers, from one creating her own mathematical formula to one who created sauce from the banana trunk. It was an anything-under-the-sun type of gathering.
          During the presentations, I feel like puking. I was so nervous because I know that my research will be scrutinized by other researchers. Well, I dared them to find any errors in my presentation. It certainly caught their attention. Brilliant minds can’t resist the temptation to prove their intellectual prowess. (They didn’t found any. Ha!)
          I won’t make a detailed blow-by-blow account of how my presentation went, but it was not flawless as I hoped it would be. I forgot some of my lines! Nonetheless, I received positive feedback and made a lasting impression to the judges and other delegates. And probably, I did some good things too ‘cause I nabbed an award. LOL.
          Looks like my future as a researcher is going to be fun.


  1. Its nice to see that you really are back in blogging...

  2. I request an audience, Sir.

    If nothing else, I want to read your research paper. I'm sure there are many things I could learn. One can never have enough of grammatical errors. :D

    Do I need to compliment your suit and tie look? (You know you nailed it.)


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